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Jen: Thank you so much for creating this forum section. I sincerely believe that it is always good to be able to interact with like-minded people and those who understand what I am thinking about. You see, I am an environmental advocate. I seriously feel that this administration’s environmental policies are out of this world. Imagine the fact that you have a president who is aa climate change denier with people who think like him.

Brad: I agree, Jen. I never thought that we will indeed be going back to the dark ages. At this point in time, all governments and leaders should be one in caring for the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change. I appreciate the move of some U.S. governors, leaders and businessmen who are leading the charge against climate change despite the stance of this administration.

Jen: I agree. And they need our support. We should make sure that this website should also give light to the effects of our government’s stance on climate change, how it will affect the reputation of our country as a world leader and so on.

Kaye: If I may interrupt, before we go all the way on the effects of this policy to our world standing, I think we should also work towards making sure that our local leaders understand the problem of climate change.

Brad: I agree. Maybe we can start an advocacy campaign.

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