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The Effects of the Current U.S. Climate Change Policy

Perhaps one of the controversial moves of the current U.S. administration right now is the move to formally withdraw from the Paris Agreement. This is very unfortunate as it was actually U.S. leadership that served as the glue for the agreement to take shape and for other countries to rally together and work in mitigating against the effects of climate change.

However, the U.S. President’s pronouncement to withdraw from the agreement seems to change the role of the United States in the world stage. It is not anymore being seen in a leadership role as it will become very marginalized in the talks that revolve around the issue. This is concerning especially since the United States is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, second only to China. It was also the United States, specifically the previous administration, that made possible the talks with China in order to get them onboard and commit to reduce their amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

With the U.S. withdrawal from the climate change issue, other countries, specifically France, Germany and other European nations have stepped up and take leadership. It will now be difficult for the United States to wrestle it back and participate in other environment-related talks.

However, it is fortunate that some of the leaders and influencers of American society have taken up the issue of climate change as their advocacy. Some governors, mayors, senators, business leaders have expressed their willingness to step up and make sure that the country still delivers its commitments to the Paris agreement. It is important that these leaders and influencers get support from the rest of American society in order for their advocacy to continue and flourish.

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