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Welcome to Prayers for the Assassin

Welcome to Prayers for the Assassin, a website that is named after the book by Robert Ferrigno and released sometime in 2006. Note, however, that this website is not about the said book. Rather, here, we tackle all the latest political news and information in the United States. All of these are found in the resources tab.

Prayers for the Assassin was conceptualized as a sort of commentary or information provider, if you will, on the various political happenings in the country. We are working with some of the best minds from media, academe, politics, business and economy in order to dissect political issues and try to make sense of these. We also look at how these issues actually impact society and its different sectors and determine its effects on the standing of the United States in the world stage. We are very happy to note that you can read all the information and analyses that we have here anywhere you may be, on your tablet or laptop, while you are relaxing in your home or behind those garage doors installed by This is because, you can actually download a lot of the resources that we have made available.

So what are the features that we offer?


We provide here a database of news reports and information that you can access. The most important thing is for you to create an account so that you can always access our database. By creating an account, you can save certain resources on your account, create folders and organize them anyway you want. You can even save all these resources offline so that you can read them at your own pleasure. So do not hesitate in creating your own account by clicking here now.


This website will not have the authority to issue commentaries and forecast certain political trends and impacts without undertaking researches. As such, we are making available here all the researches that we have conducted so that you can access them and cross reference them with our commentaries and forecasts. Know that these researches were made following very strict guidelines and protocols. Access them now so that you will understand the stringent criteria that we have followed in order to come up with these researches.

Commentaries and Forecasts

These are the main products that we do offer. We have a group of experts in various subjects who issue our various commentaries and forecasts backed up by our researches. Know that we do not take this lightly. Before we issue anything, we make sure that our commentaries and forecasts are validated by external experts in order to make sure that we are providing you with accurate information. Know as well that our experts who issue these commentaries are the best in their fields of expertise.


We are providing you here a forum section for everyone to interact and discuss the various issues that we’re looking at. Our experts are also regularly hosting discussion threads to facilitate your understanding of a specific issue.

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